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Who are we?

We are a newly established company registered in Luxembourg in the European Union.
Our product, English Optixx, is a service dedicated to helping people to succeed in their everyday personal and professional lives by providing a resource to improve and adapt their written English communications.
The service is designed to provide both individuals and organisations access to a platform that reviews, corrects and perfects their English communications, taking into account the setting they specify for each communication.

Why we are offering English Optixx

English as the common language has enabled travel (the movement of people), commerce (the movement of goods and services), and education (the movement of ideas) between countries, regions and continents, to flourish and has thus hugely contributed to human understanding, knowledge and well-being.

Speaking and writing good English has therefore become essential to gaining access to the world.  Small businesses selling to foreign tourists, larger companies selling in foreign countries, professors teaching at foreign universities, business people making a presentation to colleagues from other countries—these are just some examples of situations often only made possible by the common use of English.

The success of individuals and organisations thus depends to an ever increasing degree on the ability to communicate well in written English in their personal and professional lives.
However, there is little support available for the demands of written English in situations of everyday life, be it for individuals or organisations. We often come across a shop sign, a restaurant menu, a business presentation, a newsletter article, or panels in a museum, where the English is suboptimal, misleading, incorrect, inappropriate, or perhaps funny or even offensive.

“Editing services” networks available on the internet are mainly specialised in longer documents such as theses and manuscripts, often with complex subjects.  Many provide services for specific areas of content only.

English Optixx provides a solution for all these situations in the everyday life of indivduals or organisations.  Whether it’s for yourself, your business, your club or your company, whoever the target audience, and whatever the purpose or the medium of your communication, our mission is to help you succeed by transforming your English communication into the best possible English, customised for its specific context.

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