What we do

What we do

English Optixx provides sentence-level review, correction and optimisation of your English text.

We review your text to understand the context and the message.

We review your specified settings to understand the real-life situation your text is meant for.

We correct any mistakes in spelling, grammar, punctuation, choice of words and sentence structure.

We optimise your text to suit its context and the setting you have specified, by suggesting appropriate changes in choice of words, sentence structure, and, if appropriate, idioms and expressions.

We provide alternative formulations for you to consider, as well as other helpful comments and explanations, where appropriate.

What you receive back

– Your text in editable format clearly indicating each passage for which there is a suggested change (correction or optimisation). The suggested changes will be either

    • embedded at the appropriate place in your original document as mark-ups, or
    • cross-referenced to another document containing the suggested changes

– Suggested changes are colour coded

    • Red: Referenced passage requires correction
      • because it is clearly inappropriate in relation to one (or more) of your specified settings, or
      • because it is incorrect, wrong, likely to be misleading, not clear, inappropriate or offensive, because it represents a malapropism or because it is otherwise felt to reflect badly upon the author
    • Yellow: Strong recommendation to alter referenced passage
      • because it does not correspond well to one (or more) of your specified settings, or
      • due to an unusual or strange non-native formulation in terms of choice of words, sentence structure, or idioms and expressions
    • Blue: Your text is fine the way it is; however, one or more alternative formulations that may be better are provided for your consideration
    • Black: Your text is not clear or cannot be clearly understood. (We are happy to rework your text at no additional charge when you provide the required clarification.)

– Where appropriate for specific passages, we will provide one or more alternative suggested changes for you to consider, in addition to the primary one

– Note:  Your pagination, formatting and layout will not necessarily be maintained

What we don't do

– Provide translation
However, you may provide a text translated into English by yourself, a translator, or an automated translation tool.

– Review the content structure of your text across and within paragraphs, chapters or entire documents

– Formatting, pagination and layout of any kind

– Review, correct or optimise technical terms
However, where possible we will optimise how they are embedded in your text.
(A technical term is any term with an applied meaning in a specialised context.  Some examples of technical terms are: food or service terms on a menu; product components, parts and functions; legal, medical or other professional terms; units and measures; specialised services; industrial or professional techniques and processes, sports terms, cultural objects.)

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