You submit:

  1. Your English text
    • Your own or someone else’s creation
    • Your own or someone else’s free translation
    • A professional translation
    • An automated translation
  2. In PDF or common picture format
    • Any
  3. The setting of your communication (a selection from six (6) pre-set menus)
    • Your role as an individual or organisation (1)
    • Your target audience (2)
    • The purpose (3), medium chosen for your communication (4), tone of your communication (5) and degree of formality of your communication (6)

English Optixx:

  • Reviews your text and specified setting
  • Contacts you with requests for clarification (if required)
  • Corrects your English and transforms it into native expression
  • Optimises your text to reflect your specified setting
  • Provide helpful comments, alternatives or suggestions in a Comments section, if necessary
  • Returns it all to you in a referenced document with your original text, where possible in a editable format

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