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English Optixx will review, correct and optimise your draft text at sentence level, and will embed these suggested changes directly into your marked-up original document.  Alternatively, we will provide them in a separate document in editable format with appropriate cross references, allowing you to easily link the suggested changes to the corresponding sections of your draft text.

Your text returned to you, with suggested changes, will represent the complete Optimised Native English text inclucing appropriate punctuation.  If we add comments, these will also be cross-referenced to the corresponding sections of your draft text.  All other features of the draft text you submitted, such as formatting and images, will not be included or incorporated.

You should review  the suggested changes to ensure you are satisfied with the resulting optimised text.  If you have any questions or uncertainties, either before placing an order or after receiving your completed order, you are welcome to contact us.

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  1. Great experience. Will use his services again!

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