The Importance of Good English:
(or: It’s Never Too Late to Make a Good Impression)

“Lingua Franca”

It is said that the most spoken language in the world is not Mandarin Chinese, as many would guess, but rather “English as a Second Language”.  This is most certainly true.  English has become the “lingua franca” of the world, the common language allowing humans from across the planet to communicate with each other regardless of their respective origins.  English as the common language has enabled travel (the movement of people), commerce (the movement of goods and services), and education (the movement of ideas) to flourish and has thus hugely contributed to human understanding, knowledge and well-being.

Access to the world

Speaking and writing good English has therefore become essential to gaining access to the world.  Small business selling to foreign tourists, large companies selling in foreign countries, professors teaching at foreign universities—these are just some examples of situations often only made possible by the common use of English.

Good English:  It’s never too late

Good English does indeed create a good impression. 

It allows your readers to understand your message correctly the first time.  It conveys your professionalism, your quality, and your respect for the reader.  It makes for a pleasant reading experience flowing through your message, uninterrupted by mistakes, uncertainties or inappropriate terms.

It’s never too late to make this impression.

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